At Adams | Coogler we represent those involved in the trucking industry when they face claims from individuals involved in truck accidents. 

Trucking Accidents Are On the Rise 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) releases an annual report entitled “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts,” which tracks the number of accidents involving large trucks. In 2019 alone, there were: 

  • 5,237 large trucks and buses involved in fatal crashes; 
  • 127,000 accidents with buses and large trucks involved that resulted in injury; and 
  • 414,000 crashes involving large trucks or buses that resulted in property damage alone. 

The number of trucking accidents on our roadways has resulted in a rising number of claims against trucking and transportation companies, in addition to their respective insurance companies if insured.

Trucking Accident Cases & Injuries

The firm handles every type of trucking accident case.  Truck versus truck.  Truck versus automobile.  Truck versus pedestrian.  From death and catastrophic cases to “bumper tap” claims with little to no property damage.

Aside from proving liability, claimants seeking to recover for injuries that result from trucking accidents generally must prove that the truck involved in the crash was the cause of his or her injuries.  The forces involved in the crash are oftentimes analyzed by expert witnesses to determine the extent of injuries, if any.  Some alleged injuries are legitimate, some are illegitimate and others are simply exaggerated.  It is important to engage with an experienced lawyer who will take the time to review the claimant’s pre and post-incident medical records, consult with medical professionals with regard to the injuries alleged, and evaluate the potential total exposure to the trucking company and/or its insurer.  At Adams | Coogler damage claims are evaluated by the attorneys, in-house RN paralegals and outside expert witnesses.  All eyes on deck.

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