Meeker v. Better Roads, a wrongful death lawsuit in Highlands County, Florida (defense verdict) – 2016

Sorino v. Shifrin, M.D., Palm Beach County Circuit Court trial – 2017

Denison v. Cemex Construction Materials Florida, LLC, a trucking accident case in St. Lucie County, Florida (defense verdict) – 2018

Archer v. Three Rivers Xpress, Inc., a rear-end accident case involving an under the influence driver and a claim for punitive damages venued in Marion County, Florida (defense verdict) – 2019

Cepero v. Salazar, M.D., Palm Beach County Circuit Court trial – 2019

Minor v. Beall’s, a laceration case involving a minor child venued in Palm Beach County, Florida (Motion for Summary Judgment granted) – 2022

Mazilu v. Institute for Women’s Health & Body, LLC, Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict – 2022