When you face accusations of professional negligence or misconduct, the risk goes beyond money. Your reputation and standing in the community may be at stake.  Whether your case is before a court of law or an administrative disciplinary body, we fight for your livelihood.

We understand from experience that allegations of professional negligence or misconduct often feel very personal. With our attorneys on the case, your matter will be handled by attorneys who understand your business and treat your case as if our own assets and reputations are on the line. We defend all types of professionals including:

  • Accountants, accounting firms and auditing professionals
  • Lawyers and law firms
  • Healthcare providers
  • Insurance specialists 
  • Financial services industry professionals and broker-dealers
  • Architects, engineers and other design professionals
  • Teachers and educators

Any lawsuit or challenge to your professional credentials requires a proactive approach and knowledge of the courts and administrative bodies that handle professional liability matters.  Our experience and familiarity with these rules and practices is expansive. We represent clients in courts of law and before:

  • The Florida Bar and its Division of Lawyer Regulation
  • Florida Department of Health
  • Florida Office of Professional Practices
  • Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Civil Rights
  • State and Local Government Committees and Boards

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