General liability insurance protects the insured from substantial financial losses resulting from unforeseen negligence or occurrences in their daily operations. General liability insurance is designed to protect against direct and indirect losses. Accidents and injuries can often occur without warning in an establishment or a third-party location for business-related activities, so it is best to have a team of experienced attorneys to assist in navigating these unexpected events. Our attorneys’ involvement ranges from assisting clients in their pre-suit investigation to taking over files from other counsel and becoming lead trial counsel on the eve of trial.

The Adams | Coogler general liability attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of this area, including claims involving slip/trip and fall accidents, defective conditions, negligent security, negligent hiring, retention, supervision and entrustment, wrongful death, physical attacks and assaults, improper maintenance, dangerous/hazardous conditions, and products liability. Our attorneys provide statewide representation for a multitude of businesses and industries including, insurance companies, utility companies, state and governmental entities, hotels, retail businesses, shopping malls, restaurants and bars, housing, supermarkets, sports/entertainment complexes and schools.

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