Our firm routinely handles complex litigation involving construction projects statewide. Whether the case involves construction defects, design defects, product liability, or tort claims arising from injuries around construction sites, Adams | Coogler’s construction litigation attorneys excel at delivering the best possible results.

Construction Design and Defect Claims

Adams | Coogler has experience defending contractors, engineers, and design professionals, on projects ranging from multi-story developments to single-family homes to roadway construction. 

It regularly counsels clients on delay and impact claims, Chapter 558 claims, and mold & toxic substance claims. 

Our firm also routinely defends cases involving public works projects such as roadway design and construction. These claims require special attention to the relationships, roles, and responsibilities between the public and private entities working in unison on large-scale multi-year projects. Put our experience to work on the defense of your claims arising from defects in the design of roadways, implementation of design, and the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan.

Construction Risk Claims Involving Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

The firm also focuses on defending claims for personal injury arising from construction projects. These claims, whether brought by third parties alleging injury due to a defect, design, or negligence of a worker, require a detailed and innate understanding of the construction process and its management to implement a sound defense. Such claims may also arise by claims of gross negligence from the injury or death of a jobsite employee outside the context of workers’ compensation. When those circumstances arise, our attorneys are adept at establishing vertical and horizontal immunity and pushing the matter toward summary judgment and dismissal. 

What Kinds of Professionals Can a Construction and Commercial Litigation Lawyer Help? 

If the party you are negotiating with or litigating against a party has an attorney, they will be utilizing the knowledge and experience of their attorney to further their goals and plans. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to ensure your position is effectively supported. Our firm has successfully represented the interests of a wide variety of clients through their difficult construction defect and risk litigation disputes, including: 

  • Architects 
  • Engineers
  • General contractors 
  • Roadway contractors
  • Surveyors
  • Tradesmen of a variety of sub-specialties in construction 

Connect with a Construction Litigation Attorney 

If you are faced with construction litigation in any part of Florida, we have the help you need to get you through the process. To learn about our firm and the extensive services we offer, call us toll-free at (800) 838-529 or visit our website.

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